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Congratulations on inventing a game

We at Green Board Games know that this is an exciting time for you as we have also experienced the euphoria of inventing a game and of being proud of what we have done.

Green Board Games are regularly contacted about our policy regarding idea submissions and inventor support, so we thought it may be useful to provide some general guidelines for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Price is key - you need to consider what someone will pay for the game in a shop alongside all the other games that are available. We set the price on perceived retail value and work back from that to the trade price and then to what we would need to pay to cover our costs. Remember, a game which sells in the shops for £20 will need to cost a lot less than that for everyone to make the required margin!
  • You won’t get rich from one game (unless you are very lucky!) - inventors don’t make much from games unless they have a large number of games on the market or a major hit on their hands. With 5-8% royalties on the trade price, it’s not big money until you are selling lots and lots of units!
  • Will GBG take the game - it’s very expensive to bring a new product to market and we’re also bursting with fantastic ideas for new games so we tend to be VERY choosy. However, we are always keen to hear from you.
  • The game MUST be FUN to play - we only develop games which are genuinely fun to play, preferably which offer multi-level play so that players of all abilities can play together on a level playing field.
  • Green Board Games will not sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). This is simply because we may already have a similar themed game in development and we do not ever want to get into any dispute whatsoever as to whose idea came first. The only winner in this instance is the legal profession.
  • Protection - before seeking a development partner, make sure you have taken adequate steps for yourself, i.e., copyright protection, filing a Trademark Application for the name of your game or lodging a Patent Application. Green Board Games recommend that you fully explore all of these options before taking your next step. It may be useful for you to look at the following website which explains what you have to do:
  • The deal - please consider what you are looking for. Green Board Games have sometimes purchased inventors’ ideas outright. The amount Green Board Games are willing to pay for a concept is in the hundreds, not thousands, of pounds. Green Board Games have also entered into royalty arrangements. This means that we will pay you a percentage of our selling price to retailers.
  • Speak to other inventors - there are a lot of people out there who have great experience in these matters, we recommend you talk to them. One good place to start is

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